La Marcelle's concept

Since four generations, innovation is a large part of Maison Gillardeau’s aspirations while establishing savoir-faire at the heart of its knowledge.
La Marcelle was designed considering the important use of trucks by Maison Gillardeau’s activity in the past. In the daily life, they are used in the production chain to load the oyster nets intended for filling the hampers. In the old days, the founder of Maison Gillardeau, Henri Gillardeau, used trucks to make its first deliveries to Paris.
Nowadays, Veronique perpetuates this tradition thanks to la Marcelle, introduced on March 8th 2017: the first food truck composed of a removable oyster bar dedicated to provide you Gillardeau’s quality products as closely as possible.
Through this itinerant boutique, Maison Gillardeau guarantees a fresh products tasting on temporary sales point, events and nearby connoisseurs.

Designed with Peugeot Design Lab.

Véronique Gillardeau opted for Peugeot Design Lab for the realization of Maison Gillardeau’s food truck, an expert in automotive engineering.
Designed with the essence of the ostreiculture traditions, La Marcelle uses wood and slate, with a slice of stainless steel to complete its modern and sophisticated look.
The shapes of la Marcelle hug the essence of the Maison through a functional, innovative, and refined design.

La Marcelle's gallery

A unique oyster bar

La Marcelle is composed of a cold space maintained to 8°, ensuring a fresh service of oysters.
Once opened out, la Marcelle is furnished with a removable oyster bar, fitted with a working area at a man’s height, providing a view on the oyster seller’s work and the products of the Maison.
The food truck enables a warm and pleasant tasting, suitable for the exchange between professionals and connoisseurs, in perfect conditions to spend a unique time.